Loaded 44 Wasted On You


By Chris Röckson

Released on STP records - STP009 - Available Worldwide

Track Listing :

We Saved the World

Drop That Bomb

Last Drink

10 Years


Life's Wasted

I'm Not The One

Let's Get Away

Bad News

No Time

Say Nothing

When I'm With You

I've Got No Name



A few years ago we featured this band when they released 'Say Nothing' and I promised myself that i'd make every effort to go see 'em play a live show....well, that hasn't materialised yet, but here I am writing another glowing review of their latest release 'Wasted On You'....and i'm gonna promise myself that i'll get to see them before I write the next one...ok?

Beki Racket marches the band of spiky hairs into a blisteringly good album, from the opener, 'We Saved the World' right through to the closing chords of 'Wanna'. There are hints of the bands most obvious influence, Mr.Strummer, everywhere...and trust me, that's a good thing!!

They've upped the ante with the production on this release too, it just sounds a lot more together and 'produced' than the last effort. Released by the STP label, this is one that should catapult them into the big time, whatever the big time is...it's gonna certainly help them with bigger and better shows, and having the support of the STP label can only be a good thing.

Stand out tracks are 'Radio' [playing] and 'I'm Not The One', which both showcase the bands abilities musically and Beki's vocals. Top marks too for the album artwork and funky cd art too...

Check 'em out and tell 'em we sent ya along!




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